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Indoor Air Quality in Wakefield

Stay Safe with Clean & Healthy Indoor Air

Did you know that your indoor air may contain anywhere from two to five times more pollution than the air outdoors? Pollen, dust mites, mold spores, and more might be infiltrating the indoor home air that you breathe every day, aggravating symptoms of allergies or asthma.

Fortunately, there are indoor air quality solutions available from Falite Bros to help ease these concerns and ultimately produce cleaner, healthier, and safer indoor air.

Our Greater Boston Indoor Air Quality Solutions

There are many ways our dedicated team can work to help keep your home safe and healthy with breathable indoor air. We are available to install, repair, and maintain whole-home air purification and furnace humidification systems.

We also have the following systems available so you can enjoy the highest indoor air comfort:

  • Humidifiers- These systems improve indoor air quality by adding moisture to dry air
  • Ventilators- These systems exchange stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air
  • Electronic or media air filters- These systems clean indoor air and remove contaminants

Some of our more specialized indoor air quality solutions include:

  • Advanced multi-stage filtration- Captures and removes contaminants that trigger unhealthy symptoms
  • Platinum deodorizing filters- These systems use nanotechnology to absorb odors
  • Washable filters- Last up to ten years and reduce environmental impact

Know the Current State of Your Indoor Air

If your allergies are constantly acting up or the air in your home feels stuffy, we strongly encourage you to talk to our Wakefield indoor air quality specialists. We can provide you with a free indoor air quality assessment and recommend the solution you need based on our findings.

Call Falite Bros today at (781) 315-4553 to schedule your free indoor air quality consultation and learn more about ways to improve your indoor air quality.

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